Sininauhasäätiössä on tarjolla monenlaista vapaaehtoistyötä asunnottomien, maahanmuuttajien tai vaikeassa elämäntilanteessa olevien ihmisten parissa.

Become a volunteer for Sininauhasäätiö!

Are you interested in volunteer work? Join the volunteer work of Sininauhasäätiö!

Become a volunteer for Sininauhasäätiö!

Are you interested in volunteer work? Do you want to help the unfortunate ones, while gaining essential work experience and new contacts to your network? Join Sininauhasäätiö´s volunteers by filling in our regisration form. After filling in the form, you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator.

What is Sininauhasäätiö?

Sininauhasäätiö is working towards reducing homelessness in Finland. Our customers come from various situations, and our job is to give them hope. Our work is based on “housing first” -principle. According to the Housing First principle, the best way to help people is to facilitate everyone a safe place to stay, whatever problems they have, together with professionals who can help and with whom they can seek support. Read more about the housing first principle in Inês Oliveira´s blog: Housing first for Beginners.

Sininauhasäätiö offers various kinds of volunteer work amidst the homeless, immigrants, or the otherwise disadvantaged ones. You can work as a volunteer both occasionally or regularly, you decide what works best for you. We offer introduction to your work, education, regular volunteer meetings, necessary support during your work, and also recreational activities. Every volunteer signs a contract and is insured while working. In the end you will receive a volunteering certificate and vast amounts of new experience.

We also offer a possibility of doing multiple open badges, that help you to demonstrate your competences for employers. Open badges might also be regarded as part of your studies.

Read more about working in day center Illusia during the Covid-19 pandemic: A Day in Illusia During the Covid-19 Pandemic by Inês Oliveira.

What kind of tasks can I do?

  • Help in daycenters and housing units by spending time with the customers.
  • Help in cooking and baking.
  • Help in events.
  • Join our action group, and spend a fun eavning with our customers.
  • Learn Finnish together with other voluteers.

Be in contact:

Sininauhasäätiö kuvake, sydämen muotoinen nauha, jonka sisällä on sininen talo.

Elina Tiensuu

Vapaaehtoistyön ohjaaja

Puh. 044 731 0082