Halaavat naiset.

Our work and values

Homes for the homeless. Guidance and support for residing and living. Strengthening the rights and human dignity of the alienated.

Homes and support

We believe that everything begins from having a home. Everyone has a right to one’s own home, with his own door with his own name.

Drug and mental health rehabilitants, long term homeless people, and people driven to economic difficulties are usually the ones who drop out of the housing markets. For 60 years Sininauhasäätiö has given thousands of homeless people a home, regardless of drug, economic, or mental health problems or criminal history. People with a place to call their own have a significantly better chance to use their will and power to get their lives together.

Housing first – support for living

Housing is just the beginning. It takes various kinds of support to enable a resident to live his life through the difficulties of one’s life situation and hardships caused by long term homelessness, to get a firm hold of meaningful and balanced day to day life. This is why Sininauhasäätiö is full of experts from different fields, to support different kinds of people with different backgrounds.

Taking the humane side

We defend the rights of the people in the weakest position. The goal of Sininauhasäätiö is to lower the amount of homelessness, strengthen the drug and mental health services, and assist our clients towards being a part of the society. Our Christian values can be seen in our way of encountering our clients: we believe in human dignity and meeting people with respect. There is always hope when someone cares.

Finland is the only European country where homelessness is decreasing. It is because of persistent work, where the home is seen as the first step forward.