Illusia day centers

Welcoming, low-threshold day center services in the Vallila area of Helsinki, the Koivukylä area of Vantaa, and the Leppävaara area of Espoo.

Blue Ribbon Foundation’s community-based, low-threshold Illusia day centers provide a welcoming space for adults who are experiencing homelessness, are at risk of homelessness and/or are active substance abusers. Services are provided anonymously and at no cost.

Services are built around securing our guests basic needs, strengthening their engagement and assisting them with housing resources. At Illusia day centers, guests have access to WCs, showers, laundry, a place to rest, a meal and donated clothing. A computer and phone are also available. Our homeless guests can store their belongings in the day center lockers. Illusia’s staff offers support with a variety of matters, including housing-related issues and finding access to the services needed.

Illusia day center guests can play cards, read, watch TV or just sit in peace. Services at the day centers are under continuous development in partnership with the guests; ideas and feedback are reviewed in community meetings. Our guests also take part in regular rounds to pick up litter in the communities where our day centers are located.

In 2021, there were 20,296 visits to the day centers. 93.5% of our guests felt the day center services improved their quality of life.


Opening hours

Illusia Helsinki:

Mäkelänkatu 50 B,
Open daily from 9 am-3 pm
Office tel. 040 631 947

Niina Arola,
Helsinki Illusia Team Leader,
tel. 0406613115

Illusia Vantaa:

Rautkallionkatu 3,
Mon-Thu 9 am-3 pm and Fri 9 am-2 pm

Anni Salmela,
Vantaa Illusia Team Leader,
tel. 0504062386

Illusia Espoo:

Läkkisepänkuja 4 A,
Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri 9 am-2 pm

Katja Siljamäki,
Espoo Illusia Team Leader,
tel. 0505908141