About Us

We believe that everything begins with having a home. Everyone has a right to one’s own home, with a door with their name.

Homes, support and outreach

We at the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group (Sininauhasäätiö-konserni) are working to end homelessness and to help vulnerable people. We provide homes for the homeless, support and guidance on successful housing, and services to ensure a better everyday life. We believe every life is valuable and every person is worth helping.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation Group is a values-based expert and frontrunner in homelessness. The Group consists of the non-profit Blue Ribbon Foundation (Sininauhasäätiö) and the social enterprise Blue Ribbon Ltd (Sininauha Oy), a provider of housing and substance abuse services.

Housing is a human right

We operate actively at the grass-roots level and in society. We create opportunities for a dignified and equitable life. We work with people experiencing homelessness in everyday life and in society. A home is a right that doesn’t have to be earned.

Assistance, participation and a sense of community

We are reducing homelessness and building an inclusive society. We are continuously developing new low-threshold models and services to meet the changing dynamics and challenges of homelessness that our customers encounter.

We provide homeless outreach, housing and service guidance, and no-threshold day centers, services targeting young homeless people, neighborhood work, social employment and migrant work. We amplify the voices of people who are experiencing homelessness and are in a vulnerable position. We defend their rights and their human dignity.

“I’ve been able to get ahead in my life – thank you for the opportunities and the trust.”


In-home housing support

Blue Ribbon Ltd is an expert in supported housing. Our operations are based on the housing-first principle. Receiving housing is not conditioned on being drug-free; rather, housing is the first step towards rehabilitation.

We provide customer-centered, supported housing services, in-home housing support and guidance, as well as opioid substitute treatment and detoxification services. With customers at the heart of what we do, we always work towards enabling a customer-tailored, effective rehabilitation pathway. Genuine, respectful and holistic outreach is the foundation for our work.


“I feel very safe living here, and the support from the employees has been invaluable to me.”